Saturday, January 10, 2009


ITS 7:00 AM!!!! and of coarse i am not sleeping. I am not sure if the pain medication which is the liquid form of percocet is keeping me up or not. I will try to research and see if others had this problem i just feel jittery and the pain is not going away! I figured that it would be best to turn the expander after the pain medicine but wow!!!!! it hurt so bad!!! it was my 5Th turn and hurt so bad! i did not really feel the other 4 so i was probably still numb from surgery . I guess later on i will turn it after the pain meds already kicked in. I am gonna try to read about my meds online and hopefully get tired. TTYL


  1. Hi happy to hear you're doing ok. I was praying for you when you went into surgery and your mom said surgery went ok and that you were resting. You have quite a nice gap there and just think how in the long run it will all be so worth it. I know you're not feeling well right now and it's probably very difficult to sleep but each day it gets better...believe me. :)

    I had my lower jaw moved forward 6mm and my chin back 6mm and I'm very happy with the results. Yesterday was the first day I felt like getting out and about so it takes a little time but with patience and a good attitude you'll be back to feeling great soon. I look forward to seeing your progress. Have a wonderful weekend and drink lots of fluids!!

  2. ouch. That doesn't sound good. I hope you're feeling better by now - after my SARPE I wasn't in a lot of pain when I was cranking the expander, it was more like a bit of discomfort and it was sort of unnerving to not be able to bite down at all and feel the bones move when I was swallowing. I'm sure you'll have follow up appointments with either the surgeon or the ortho soon and they'll be able to sort it out. Hang in there, it gets better before you know it.